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A Focus on Community Engagement

-041616 . Abramowitz , S. , McKune , S. L. , Fallah , M. , Monger , J. , Tehoungue , K. and Omidian , Patricia A. ( 2017 ), ‘ The Opposite of Denial: Social Learning at the Onset of the Ebola Emergency in Liberia ’, Journal of Health Communication , 22 : sup1 , 59 – 65 , doi: 10.1080/10810730.2016.1209599 . Anoko , J. ( 2014 ), Communication with Rebellious Communities during an Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea: An Anthropological Approach ,

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
From the Global to the Local

copayment system through which UNRWA covered 10 per cent of ‘the Secondary Hospitalization bill at public and private hospitals for Palestine refugees who are registered in the Social Safety Net program and Palestine refugees from Syria who are registered in Lebanon’. By withdrawing these programmes, hospitals and medical services may continue to run, but the costs to access these will be prohibitive for many. This is especially the case since 65 per cent of Palestinians in Lebanon (PRL) were living under the poverty line by the end of 2017, only

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Crisis, reform and recovery

The Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 shook the foundations of the global economy and what began as a localised currency crisis soon engulfed the entire Asian region. This book explores what went wrong and how did the Asian economies long considered 'miracles' respond, among other things. The combined effects of growing unemployment, rising inflation, and the absence of a meaningful social safety-net system, pushed large numbers of displaced workers and their families into poverty. Resolving Thailand's notorious non-performing loans problem will depend on the fortunes of the country's real economy, and on the success of Thai Asset Management Corporation (TAMC). Under International Monetary Fund's (IMF) oversight, the Indonesian government has also taken steps to deal with the massive debt problem. After Indonesian Debt Restructuring Agency's (INDRA) failure, the Indonesian government passed the Company Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring and/or Rehabilitation Act to facilitate reorganization of illiquid, but financially viable companies. Economic reforms in Korea were started by Kim Dae-Jung. the partial convertibility of the Renminbi (RMB), not being heavy burdened with short-term debt liabilities, and rapid foreign trade explains China's remarkable immunity to the "Asian flu". The proposed sovereign debt restructuring mechanism (SDRM) (modeled on corporate bankruptcy law) would allow countries to seek legal protection from creditors that stand in the way of restructuring, and in exchange debtors would have to negotiate with their creditors in good faith.

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before in Britain. As time went by, it was added to by all governments. In principle what happened between 1945 and 1979 was that the system ceased to become merely a safety safety net net and began, instead, to re-distribute real The concept that the state will be there for those who find income from the wealthy, who contributed themselves in need, providing most, to the poor who contributed least but benefits and services. claimed more. Additions and reforms of the system came thick and fast and are too numerous to be detailed here. A general review of the landmarks

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problem of sterling being utilised as an international reserve currency. Instead, Callaghan wanted a loan from the IMF that did not require such large cuts in the PSBR, and also a ‘safety net’ loan that could be drawn upon to defend against currency speculation.7 The UK–IMF loan application dominated US–UK relations at this juncture because Callaghan wanted the Ford administration to intercede on Britain’s behalf to reduce the IMF’s PSBR demands. The US – given its economic influence, coupled with its preferential position within the world’s economic institutions – did

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Neutrality, discrimination and common carriage

In this book I argue that it is not business as usual for telecoms regulators, and that net neutrality cannot be dismissed as a technical or competition challenge without serious implications for consumers and civil society interaction. I deliberately broaden the debate to consider the structure of the radical changes which Internet Protocol (IP) networks are wreaking on mass communications systems, for voice, data and

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: Net neutrality: Here we’ve got, particularly in Germany, Taliban-like developments. We have the Internet community, the Pirates on the move, it’s all about enforcing perfect uniformity. They talk about ‘the evil industry’. It’s not about the industry, it’s not about the CEO and his salary. If you want to have real time road safety, our lives are

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people have fewer of the resources necessary for exercising the ‘exit’ option. Minimal welfare states will therefore have to be maintained and restructured (Clayton and Pontusson 1998), unless societies are prepared to risk the unrest and political destabilization that could arise where there is no public safety net. Furthermore, the state is still relatively good at prudential regulation and ex post facto enforcement of contracts, as well as the promotion of certain forms of competitive advantage in a more open world through limited industrial and trade policy

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Post-crisis Asia – economic recovery, September 11, 2001 and the challenges ahead

incomes. The combined effects 347 The Asian financial crisis of higher unemployment, inflation and the absence of a meaningful social safety net pushed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people into poverty. While the various social support systems introduced in Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and Indonesia helped to protect the most vulnerable sectors of society, much more needs to be done. In the immediate term, given that the scope for expansionary macroeconomic policies is greatly limited, it is imperative to develop a means-tested social assistance that

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Privacy, liability and interception

legalise their activity by getting express permission not just from their customers, but also from the Web hosts whose pages they intercept, and from the third parties who communicate with their customers through Web-based email, forums or social networking sites. The EC takes the UK to court for net neutrality privacy breach prosecution In response to UK

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