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Redefining security in the Middle East
Tami Amanda Jacoby and Brent E. Sasley

differences between Islam as a spiritual faith and Islamism as a politicized form of religion with tendencies to neo-absolutism and violence. This chapter explores fundamental issues related to Islamophobia and the West, the relationship between Islam and democracy, and circumstances for groups and parties to gain political power and effect social change through indigenous tools and symbols. The intricate

in Redefining security in the Middle East
A veiled threat
Thomas J. Butko

-Amr, 1994 : 53). 8 Consequently, while feelings of marginalization and alienation are seen as determining factors in the decision of certain individuals to lend their support to Islamist groups in general, Ahmad argues that the conditions of Israeli occupation have added an extra dimension to such experiences, especially among the more educated members of Palestinian

in Redefining security in the Middle East
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Language games in the Kosovo war
Mika Aaltola

resemblances’ ( Familienähnlichkeiten ) to illustrate the often elusive and indeterminate character of language. 12 This elusiveness is due to the variance and indeterminacy which, together with family resemblances, comprise the kaleidoscopic character of everyday experience. This kaleidoscopic character of reality lacks a stable and consistent set of features that would once and for all define any language

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
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Security, mobility, liberals, and Christians
Luis Lobo-Guerrero

journey would be dangerous and tortuous. However, the purpose of his trip justified it all, it was for him a moral and spiritual duty to visit Jerusalem and spread the word of God. But his legs … well, they had until now been an impediment to the journey. Reflecting on what a traditional journey of this kind would entail, he thought that on the way he would rely on his community of faith to provide him with

in Security/ Mobility
Iver B. Neumann

human rights, that is, the rights of the constituent members of humanity). This constituted a breach with an epochal tradition. In seventeenth-century Europe, the framework of spiritual life – Protestant or Catholic – was central when defining military goals. In the eighteenth century wars evolved around disputes over inheritance and land, whereas the Napoleonic Wars added the type of

in Mapping European security after Kosovo